Wednesday 20 June 2007

Sydney Harbour Marriott - Curries of the World at Icons

Sydney Harbour Marriott
Great Night Had by All !


… but only outside the Sydney Harbour Marriott. Inside the Icons Brasserie 20 TICCA members and guests were once again almost overcome with the volume and variety of superb food splendidly presented.

The weather was really bad and storm warnings had already been posted but our brave and loyal members were well rewarded for making the effort to venture out in the cold.

We were greeted by the new Director of Marketing, Grant Gray who spoke about his role and future events for the Sydney Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay. Grant then introduced Sriram Ramanathan, the Food and Beverages Manager who gave us a run-through on our banquet.

The food choice – we had a selection of curries from around the world plus an extensive seafood buffet - was staggering. As well, there were salads, hot vegetables, meat dishes and a selection of sweets and even lollies that would make anyone break their diet.

The gusto with which the food was consumed and the buzz of contented conversations quickly made us forget the weather at least until we left the warm hotel environs.

The lucky card draw prizes sponsored by TICCA were MP3 players valued at $100 each. The lucky cards were drawn by the charming Laura Spiers with Shamoli Dutt taking one prize while the other was won by Tom King.

Special thanks must go to Laura Spiers, a very successful PR consultant, as she suggested holding a TICCA function during the hotel’s month long curry festival and then organised that her client, the Sydney Harbour Marriott would organise a memorable dinner. Laura can be contacted at

The TICCA committee is looking for suitable venues for our “Spring into Curry” function scheduled for September and a “Curried Christmas Party” planned for late November/early December.

If any members want to suggest possible venues, please get in touch.

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Curry on regardless,

Michael Osborne, Chairman

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Michael O said...

I have told Laura that between her and the Marriott, that they have spoiled everything. How are we, the committee, going to arrange a better function?