Monday, 26 November 2007

Win a Trip to India


Well dear members, what a way to finish our first year…
a sensational dinner at the Sydney Harbour Marriott
and the chance of winning a fantastic trip to India.

Full details of the dinner are on our website so here are some further details on the prizes…

A package holiday to India under the creative title of “MY KIND OF INDIA”

QANTAS and Jet Airways will supply air travel.

Taj Hotels are offering accommodation of up to five nights from a selection of 19 of their properties.

Incent have provided all ground arrangements and a package holiday including Samode Palace, Narali, Deogarh and Jaisalmer.

There will be a few more additions to the growing list of prizes including runner up rewards from the Government of India Tourism and other sponsors.

What more can we say? For the modest sum of $40 (members) $45 (non-members) and $20 for full access to the wine bar this would be an affordable evening. Then we go and throw in many thousands of $$$$ worth of travel to “INCREDIBLE INDIA”.
Don’t miss out on a night of food and fun.

Saturday, 10 November 2007



Go straight to your diary and on the space for Monday 3rd December write, ‘TICCA Birthday Party at the Sydney Harbour Marriott, ICONS Brassiere, Level 2, 30 Pitt St, 6.30 for 7 PM’.

Who would have believed it? TICCA is about to observe its first birthday and to help us celebrate we are inviting you and your friends to a sensational event.

For the brave souls (because of the weather) who attended our last function at the Sydney Harbour Marriott read the 19th June report on our expanding website It was rated as one of the best functions of the year. And this one is going to be ever better!

But wait there is more ….
Through the tireless efforts of member Claire Oxlade and the more than generous support of QANTAS, Jet Airways, the Taj Group of Hotels, Incent Tours, the Government of India Tourism office and your committee we are able to offer a sensational VERY MAJOR door prize, a fantastic package tour to India including the international air fare.

Yes, a trip to India. Complete details will be published on our web site and will also be available on the night.

The Sydney Harbour Marriott is noted for the quality of food and service and not only will we enjoy a wonderful selection of the chef’s famous curries we will also have access to the restaurant’s sensational buffet. So it’s two buffets for the price of one!!!

By now you are thinking that all this will cost at least $100 per head. But no, for a mere $40 for members and $45 for guests you will enjoy a wonderful evening and great socialising plus be in the draw for the grand door prize as well many other prizes.

Do your sums! With say, 60 or 70 members and guests in attendance, what are the odds of you winning a trip worth many thousands of dollars?

To add even more value to the night and for those who enjoy wine we have again been offered an unlimited self-service wine bar for only another $20 per head.

As well, important announcements on our plans for TICCA’s second year will be issued on the night.

Book immediately so you won’t be disappointed. Remember, the more guests the better the night.

PLEASE RSVP by Thursday, November 29.
Respond by email with your booking and advise of your payment method. Payment will NOT be accepted on the night.

Members $40, Guests $45, Optional Unlimited Wine Package $20
Soft drinks and mineral waters are personal costs.


Please send this form to:
TICCA Secretariat, P.O. Box 363,
Kingsford, NSW 2032

Credit Union Australia, BSB: 804050. Acc #: 30757073

I will be attending the Marriott TICCA Dinner ….and will bring … guest(s).

Number of people wanting the wine buffet ………........…………………

Please find a cheque for $………(Include payment for $20 wine buffet)

Signature ……………….................…………………………………….

Date ……………………………………………………………………..

Monday, 24 September 2007

Special Offer: 15% off at Stamford Indian Food Promotion

Exclusive TICCA Member Offer



The Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel has started a one-month promotion
with Kebabs and exotic curry selection from South and Coastal regions of
India. Presented by our Indian chef and his team with a sumptuous buffet
spread with succulent kebabs, spicy flavourful curries and Indian breads.

Indulge in the Indian experience at The Grove with enchanting Music, Spice
display, Indian wedding display, artifacts and other surprises including
Lucky draws at the end of the promotion.

DINNER BUFFET AT THE GROVE @ $55 per person from 10th September to 6th
October, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

For reservations, please call:(02) 93171680 or email:

Please quote the TICCA promotion and bring your membership card

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Join us for Souk in the City - Sept 5

Prepare your taste buds for a real treat .... a Moroccan feast to celebrate the end of winter.

TICCA invites you and your guests to the next

Travel Industry Curry Club September Dinner

Where: Souk in the City, Bourke Street on the site of St Margaret's Hospital. (Walk one block down Bourke Street from Taylor Square to the corner of Bourke and Short Streets where you will see an entry to a courtyard. Walk into the courtyard and Souk in the City.)


Fixed Menu:

Meza Plate - three dips served with Moroccan bread. Doukkala Chicken - chicken cooked with Ras El Hanout - rich spices with preserved lemons and chili and served with couscous.

Beef Tuareg - a special recipe from the Atlas Mountains using fiery spices and Harisa and served with saffron rice.

Dessert - oranges in orange blossom water with rose petals and almonds.

When: Wednesday, September 5 - 6.30 for 7 PM

Cost: Members - $25; Guests - $30
The restaurant is licensed or BYO is $5 bottle.

Bookings and cheques must be received by Monday, Sept. 3.
Payment can NOT be made on the night.
If e-banking, please confirm payment by e-mail with details.

Please send cheque to TICCA Secretariat,
P.O. Box 363 Kingsford, NSW 2032
E-banking at Credit Union Australia,
BSB 804050, Acc #30757073

I will be attending the Souk in the City TICCA Dinner

on Sept 5, 2007 ………..... and will bring ……...... guest(s).

Please find attached a cheque for $……………….…..

Member’s signature …………………………………..

Date ………………………………………………….

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Sydney Harbour Marriott - Curries of the World at Icons

Sydney Harbour Marriott
Great Night Had by All !


… but only outside the Sydney Harbour Marriott. Inside the Icons Brasserie 20 TICCA members and guests were once again almost overcome with the volume and variety of superb food splendidly presented.

The weather was really bad and storm warnings had already been posted but our brave and loyal members were well rewarded for making the effort to venture out in the cold.

We were greeted by the new Director of Marketing, Grant Gray who spoke about his role and future events for the Sydney Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay. Grant then introduced Sriram Ramanathan, the Food and Beverages Manager who gave us a run-through on our banquet.

The food choice – we had a selection of curries from around the world plus an extensive seafood buffet - was staggering. As well, there were salads, hot vegetables, meat dishes and a selection of sweets and even lollies that would make anyone break their diet.

The gusto with which the food was consumed and the buzz of contented conversations quickly made us forget the weather at least until we left the warm hotel environs.

The lucky card draw prizes sponsored by TICCA were MP3 players valued at $100 each. The lucky cards were drawn by the charming Laura Spiers with Shamoli Dutt taking one prize while the other was won by Tom King.

Special thanks must go to Laura Spiers, a very successful PR consultant, as she suggested holding a TICCA function during the hotel’s month long curry festival and then organised that her client, the Sydney Harbour Marriott would organise a memorable dinner. Laura can be contacted at

The TICCA committee is looking for suitable venues for our “Spring into Curry” function scheduled for September and a “Curried Christmas Party” planned for late November/early December.

If any members want to suggest possible venues, please get in touch.

NEW! The updated web site format is now in the popular and easy-to-use ‘weblog’ format. Please feel free to express yourself within the laws of decency and libel. Just use the 'comments' at the bottom of each post.

Curry on regardless,

Michael Osborne, Chairman

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Curry Report: Raffles Hotel Singapore and a Tiffin Curry Extravaganza

What to say?

For those who didn't make the event, well, you know don't you?

You missed an evening that had our 26 members and guests almost groaning from the amount of absolutely delicious food that Chef De Cuisine, Yogesh Arora direct from Raffles Hotel Singapore and his team had created.

Even Frank Newall couldn't get through the sweets; well there were about 20 different selections.

The charming Georgina Williams, Marketing Communications Manager and David Campbell, Director, Global Sales for Swissotel Hotels and Resorts were on hand to welcome our group. They also assured us that we were in for a great evening (they were right).

I could go on about the various dishes, but why make it worse for those who couldn't make it. Sufficient to say that all members and their guests made a point of mentioning to me that they had enjoyed a wonderful evening.

Chef Yogesh spared the time to come and talk to our group, which was very charming of him. In fact near the end of the evening he came and asked me how we though it all had gone, did we enjoy his food? My reply was just a simple "YUM", to which he responded, "Thank you very much".

Georgina had engineered some sensational 'door prizes' that were very much appreciated.

Dennis Jones won the weekend for two at the Swissotel, worth more than $590.

David McGonigal won the dinner for two at the renowned JPB Restaurant.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Currispondence: Le Kilimanjaro Restaurant in Newtown.

Dear members,

Le Kilimanjaro Restaurant What a delicious way to begin 2007, an African curry night at Le Kilimanjro Restaurant in Newtown.

Twenty-nine members and guests all experienced a delicious and slightly unusual dinner. Pre dinner drinks were served and judging by the rather large roar of eager conversation that filled our private upstairs room we looked like being in for a great night.

Although at the beginning the service was a little slow - I don’t think that the restaurant are used to serving a big group – our appetites which had been whetted by the superb South African wines were soon on the way to be satisfied.

I must also apologize for not being able to list the dishes that were served. Unfortunately the only menu the Kilimanjaro has is a rather large blackboard that was firmly attached to the downstairs wall. It’s a small problem but one I hope to overcome for future functions.

A special thanks to member Nicole Lenoir-Jordan of Five Star PR. Nicole arranged for one of her clients, South African Tourism, to sponsor the brilliant South African wines that were thoroughly enjoyed before, during and after the event. Owing to their generous support there were several bottles left over which were added to the lucky card draws. Congratulations to all winners.

The official guest for the evening was Janaya Birse, Marketing Manager for South African Tourism, Australia and New Zealand. Janaya gave an informative short speech on the delights of travel to South Africa and when, at the end of her talk she expressed a desire for all of us to visit South Africa, it was a unanimous and positive response. For more information on South Africa

Allan Fernandes

During my address I made mention again of Allan Fernandes. Allan was the instigator of the original Travel Industry Curry Club. Allan has not enjoyed the best of health during the last few years but he was delighted when I said that we had granted him honorary membership. He asked me to tell all members that he is working well on his recovery and looks forward to attending a function ASAP.

Your committee is curry-ently (sic) looking at several possibilities for future functions and an email alert will be sent.

Curry on regardless,

Michael Osborne

Chairman TICCA