Curry Puff

Curcumin Boosts Your Brain Health

Curcumin, the chemical found in curry spice turmeric, could boost brainpower and
help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
A study tested the brainpower of more than a thousand Asian people aged between
60 and 93 using a standard test called the Mini Mental State Examination. Those who
ate curry even just once every six months had better results that those who said they
never or rarely ate it.
Previous research has suggested that curcumin inhibits the build-up of the harmful
protein deposits called amyloid plaques that occur in the brain of Alzheimer’s
patients. Curcumin is also reputed to have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-
cancer properties (including fighting colon cancer).
American Journal of Epidemiology July 26, 2006

New Hot Stuff to juice-up your curry

An American Professor has discovered the world’s hottest chilli pepper – 1000 more
times hotter than a jalapeno.
Guinness World Records has confirmed that Bhut Jolokia, of Ghost chilli, a naturally
occurring hybrid native to the Assam region of northeastern India, is nearly twice as
hot as the variety Red Savina – the previous record holder.

Old Hot Stuff

In the latest edition of Science magazine. Fossil evidence shows that chillies were
being eaten more than 6000 years ago, including seven sites dating back to 4000BC,
making chillies one of the oldest domesticated food sources in the world.

437 curry recipes

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